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Dear Parents,

Here are some suggestions for further French work during the holidays. It's not just for the children who are in school, but also for those who are at home - to keep practising their French and stave off boredom!


For years 3 and 4,  I would suggest this website:

There is a story about a puppy which I think the children will enjoy.  They can listen to it with French and English subtitles to start with, then with just the French subtitles. Please note: you can watch the videos on this website without actually going onto Youtube, but as a precaution, I would suggest watching the videos with your child.


Once they have done that, there are 3 downloadable worksheets - 2 about the story and one practising the verb 'avoir' (to have).


For years 5 and 6 I would suggest this website:


There is lots of information and vocabulary about Easter in France followed by a quiz and other activities. 


Obviously, it's fine if the older children want to look at the story about the puppy and the younger children want to find out about French Easter too!

Joyeuses Paques,


Stay well,

Mrs Leslie