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RE Easter activities

Holy Week Pebble

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GenR8 activities to do at home

  • Easter Part 1 – Cross

  • Easter part 2 – Resurrection

Follow up idea/activities:

  • Easter word chains (attached below) to suit KS2.

This is to support the idea that a dreadful day is followed by a very happy day, and the question of why Good Friday is good (as asked in the first video) The idea behind this activity is to turn the  word "dead" into "good" for the dreadful day, and "sad" into "joy" for the happy day.

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Other activities

At GenR8 we have put together a few ideas/resources that you might find helpful for school or home schooling particularly linked to RE and Easter, although not exclusively. We are thinking of you all in these challenging times and appreciate the support you are continuing to give to the children and those at the frontline of caring for others. Thank you.


A reminder that a rehearsal version of the 2020 GenR8 Easter assembly presentation can be viewed at the following web page

RE based material was produced to accompany this presentation can be on the GenR8 website: Easter support material 2020



There are some free home learning Easter resources on the NATRA (National Association of Teachers on Religious Education) web site:


RE:quest has a number of resources for Easter including:

What makes the Easter Festival so special? 

What is the resurrection?

What does the bible say about the Easter story?

Why is the Resurrection so important to Christians today?

Barnabas In Schools

While schools are closed Barnabas In Schools will be building a range of materials suitable for remote learning. They also have several other RE resources that can be accessed on their web site.

True Tube - Award-winning free resources for RE, PSHE and Citizenship 

True Tube have some good films about all manner of religious traditions. The link for the search for Easter is below:

You will need to sift through what is age appropriate.


Three Friends and the Miracle Man - Easter story

What if we could find out what Jairus’ daughter or the boy with the five loaves and two fish made of what happened to Jesus after their miraculous encounters with him?

Based on the gospel accounts, our brand new Easter story for children Three Friends and the Miracle Man imagines their journey to discovering who Jesus really is.

Zach Rap

A friend of GenR8 put this rap together to share the story of Zacchaeus in the bible – Luke 19 verses 1-10   


Many local schools will have had a prayer space day or / & a permanent prayer space in their school either linked with GenR8 or one that they run themselves. Prayer Spaces in Schools have developed six ideas for activities to be used at home during the coronavirus pandemic. – See attached PDF


Below are links to two John Hardwick songs on YouTube that you may want to use as part of your RE or Collective Worship.

For God So Loved the World

A song we use at GenR8 and that many primary schools already use regularly. This song also gives opportunity to learn some sign language.

How Broad, How Long, How High, How Deep

This song was included in this year’s GenR8 Easter assembly material so will be familiar to several schools that we were able to visit.

File icon: pdf Prayer Spaces in Schools - Coronavirus Prayer.pdf [pdf 353KB] Click to download