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KS2 playground Project 


We want to create a better KS2 playground for our children. The existing area facilitates football and netball but we can do so much more, enabling our children to engage in all forms of recreation.


“Playgrounds can have a dramatic impact on improving learning, promoting positive behaviour, encouraging better concentration in lessons and developing a healthier generation through a variety of active play “ (Schools for the Future – Designing School Grounds)


Help us to reach our £25,000 target. Together we can create something joyful, inspiring and wonderful. A lovely space to play every day with friends… Details about how you can donate to the appeal are overleaf.


St Alban’s is probably the lowest funded school in Cambridge (compared with like schools). This leaves precious little for projects like this. We really cannot achieve this without your help...

File icon: pdf KS2 Playground Consultation Report.pdf [pdf 3MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Design brief response 1.pdf [pdf 1MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Design brief response 2.pdf [pdf 17MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Consultation Wish List.pdf [pdf 47KB] Click to download

Regular commitments:

7 x £200 towards class trips £1,400

Hilltop coach £660

Science week £1,000

7 x £100 for classroom activities £700

Live performance £599


School wishlist for 2018-19

KS2 playground improvement project – target £25,000

MX Band £1000

Minibus running costs, estimated c £800

Crackers/Eggs/Parties etc. estimated cost c £310

Ice Skating


Past projects list:

School minibus

Playground equipment

Traversing wall

Playground markings

Phonic Fairy



Reading corner

Curtains for school hall

Music stands

Ice-skating outings