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Welcome to the St Alban’s PFA Webpage

About us

The St Alban’s PFA ('Parents and Friends Association') exists to create better learning experiences for our children. All parents and carers with children at the school are automatically members of the PFA.

As well as raising much-needed funds that improve our school, the social events we run bring the whole school community together. Cambridgeshire county has the worst funded schools in the UK, and further cuts are looming. State funding does not allow for school trips, IT, sports & playground equipment, books, items for arts and Science Week.

The PFA is a registered charity with a Constitution (see attached) and holds an annual AGM, usually in October, as well as regular meetings throughout the academic year which all parents are welcome to attend. These meetings usually take place once per half-term over Zoom. Please keep an eye on the school website's calendar for details of up-coming meetings. Your Year Rep will also communicate details of up-coming meetings via your whatsapp groups.

You can get involved!

You can benefit the children, improve their educational environment and make friends too. There are so many ways you can get involved with the school, whatever your circumstances, interests or skill-set.

Don’t be put off if you if you feel you can’t give your time, haven’t been asked or are unsure what’s involved. 

• We have parents who work part-time or full-time. Any time you can give is welcome.

• Having a child at this school means you can join us. We can use any skills you have and you might learn new ones.

• Being involved is a great way to get to know the school and other parents.

We are a small school so each person's involvement, however little, makes a big difference.  Even if it's just coming along to the events!


The PFA can be contacted by the following methods:


Postbox: under the school office window

Chat to us in the playground

Click to Download St Alban s PFA Constitution [pdf 76KB] Click to Download