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KS1 Nativity Play 2018.12.13

Christmas Dinner 2018.12.13

Reception Class Nativity 2018.12.12

Advent Fair 2018.12.07

The Life of Autumn

The crisp Autumn leaves
Scared by their unholy decent
From the slim oak branches to the eternal abysses of land

The savage polar winds
Meet face to face with
Leaves as red as a flare
The naked oak branches as black as a raven's dank dark cloak

The children rampaging 
Among the snake like roots 
The pungent leaves
With their charcoal aroma

The leaves stacked are as
Colourful as
Leonardo Da Vinci's paint spillage
But alone they are as bland as stale bread
The veins of leaves
Running with Chlorophyll pigment
The sound as tranquil
As the Dalai Lama

by Oscar Y5

Autumn Poem by Oscar in Y5

This poem was created based on the recent Y5 English topic about poetry.  Year5 visited the KS1 playground to observe and explore, writing ideas down as they viewed the world around them. 

Ice Skating December 2018

Advent Wreaths 2018.11.30

Science Chaos Workshop 2018.11.29

On Thursday29th November, St Albans welcomed back Chaos (Cambridge Hands-On Science) for another roadshow.  The scientific charity, which is run by Cambridge University students, led a carousel of exciting scientific activities in different areas across school hall. The roadshow was aimed at Y4, Y5 and Y6 giving the opportunity to engage and participate in a variety of hands on scientific experiments which included, bridge building, creating slime, lifting items using pulleys and levers, exploring different types of forces, investigating the structure and shape of animal and human bones, watching and discussing small liquid explosions (using oxygen) and a range of other investigations.  It was wonderful to see the children exposed to a wide variety of practical scientific learning.   
Thank you again to the Chaos team for revisiting our school and giving the children a fantastic opportunity to engage with hands-on science investigations. 


School Council Representatives

Armistice Day

Class Display

Laudato Si

Pope Francis has written a letter addressed to every person on this planet, asking us all to protect our common home, The Earth.  Here at St. Alban's we teach our children that the EARTH is God's gift to us, full of beauty and wonder.  It belongs to everyone.

Following a whole school assembly each class has done some work around this letter.  Varied work was prepared by the children, we had planting,poster making, discussions, poetry and prayers.

Rosaries in School 2018.11.01

Pumpkin Party 2018.10.29

Naming Ceremony 2018.10.09

Oliver Twist 2018.10.04


The children enjoyed a live theatre performance of Oliver Twist. 

Book Fair October 2018

Sports Awards 2018

Walsingham Trip 2018.06.26

Netball Team

Global Day  2018.06.19

Choir Concert at West Road  2018.06.15

Year 3 Viking Day 2018.05.24

On Thursday 24th May, Year 3 went back in time to Viking England.  They tried out a range of crafts and skills including weaving, ink making and candle making.  They also learnt to use swords, shields, bows & arrows and listened to stories of raids and battles.  The highlight of the day was a demonstration of metalwork during which the children observed liquid pewter being made into an ornamental pendant. 

Gaelic Football team achieved Plate 2

Football team won the Parkside Competition Trophy

The Children celebrate Ascension Day 2018.05.11

Class Display May 2018

Science Club May 2018

Year 4 and Year 5 pupils attended their first session of ‘The St Albans after school Science Club’.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the hands on session, which was run by science teaching staff from St Mary’s Secondary School.  During the session, the children worked in pairs to investigate the properties of a range of different substances to identify if they were acid, neutral or alkaline. At the beginning of the session, all club members were given their very own lab coats and protective goggles to use during the activities!  A sincere thank you to the staff at St Mary’s Secondary School for organising and delivering such exciting and engaging scientific activities.  The children are looking forward to the next session! 

The Mayor visits Italian Club 2018.04.24

It was a very special day for our Italian class as the Mayor of Cambridge made a visit to celebrate all the good work which is going on in the school. Our thanks to Marika Triola our Italian teacher who organised the event and all she does for the Italian children.  

Reception Class Easter Flowers 2018.04.16

Easter Egg Hunt 2018.04.16

Easter Bake off 2018.04.16

Easter Doors 2018

Year 2 'Stories from other cultures'

During the 2nd half of the Spring Term, Year 2's have been exploring 'Stories from other cultures'.  We have read stories, planned our own story, did art work and watched clips on Indian festivals.  To finish off our topic work we have asked Tia's parents if they would kindly prepare some Indian food for us to taste.  What a treat we had, we were treated to a chicken biryani, popodums and a salad.  

We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and would sincerely like to thank the Toji family for being so kind.  

Fun Run (Sponsored Marathon)  27 March 2018

Y5 Performance "The Magic Mirror of Health"  26th March 2018

Science Week

This week, St Albans held their science week. The children had the opportunity to engage with a range of experiments and activities linked to all areas of science. Some of the experiments included, using microscopes to study different materials, designing water funnels and lava lamps, creating bath bombs, building DNA models, creating food diets, creating balloon cars, and designing and testing miniature boat sails.  In addition, the KS1 children have been developing their cross-curricular learning through music and sound by using musical instruments to create beats and rhythms.  In KS2, the children learnt how to create computing algorithms to develop sound waves and musical rhythms. In addition, classes enjoyed a variety of trips out to learn about different areas of the subject. Outreach visits included trips to, The Botanical Gardens, Fitzwilliam Museum, Sedgwick Museum of Earth Sciences, The Cambridge University Department of Chemistry (It’s a Gas lecture by Dr Worther) and The Scott Polar Museum. Our science week drew to a close with a whole school dress-up day, where the children dressed up in a variety of striking science outfits. Well done to all the children for making an exceptional effort with their science costumes.     

Finally, a sincere thank you to all the parents, St Marys Secondary School, AstraZeneca and volunteers who supported the school during this special week! 

St Albans would like to say a special thank you to the Public Engagement Team at the Wellcome Genome Institute for providing us with wonderful resources for some of our activities for the Science week.  The children really enjoyed the opportunity to use these resources, especially the microscopes.  A sincere thank you to you all from everyone at St Alban's.

If you would like to learn about Wellcome Genome Institute and the fascinating work they do please visit the links:

Preparing for Easter

Children were lucky enough to visit St Clement's Church on Bridge Street for taking part in an 'Easter workshop' re-enacting a Palm Sunday procession and following the Stations of the Cross. To help remind them of the importance of the Easter story, they went on a story trail and created their own artwork depicting this.

Sight Guiding

Cambridge visual impairment team came to school to deliver sight guiding training. The children were able to use special glasses and blindfolds to simulate what it might feel like to have limited vision and were taught how to use a cane. The children enjoyed guiding each other and we hope this has given them some useful skills and perspective to put into practise.  

Netball Champions...Again!

Congratulations to the netball A team for winning the city finals. They went through the recent tournament undefeated. Our thanks to Floria and Hannah our wonderful coaches, and to Mrs Collins who has been helping out this year and for her input at the competition. The children now progress to the regional finals and hopefully with continued success. Last year we narrowly lost in the final, having won the previous three years.   

The Shadow Beasts (Year3 exciting stories project) March 2018

The elegant crocodile swam swiftly in the cool tropical waters while the afternoon breeze moved her scaly back. Her thick skin was so rusty in colour it looked like metal, her twisting, jagged claws were as sharp as deadly daggers in the misty air.

She swam.

Her blazing bloodthirsty eyes shot at her enemies. Out of the waterhole the tree’s dark brown fingers danced in the horizon.              

World Book Day 2018.03.01

Reception & Year1 Germ Activity

On 23rd February, Reception and Year 1 had a special visit from some scientists from AstraZeneca. The scientists came to school to talk separately to both classes about germs and the importance of washing their hands regularly throughout the day.  After a short presentation, the scientists led some entertaining, interactive activities involving glitter.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the activities and learnt an extremely important everyday skill.  

Snow Day 2018.02.28

Baptism Wall

Our wall is getting full with lovely pictures of the many baptisms.

First Confession 2018.01.30

St Joseph's Catholic Primary visit

It was so good to  invite St Joseph’s Catholic Primary into our school on Wednesday 24th January. This was totally unexpected as they were seeking shelter after a visit to the Scott Polar museum. The children met our school chaplains and had a tour round the school. Since then their headteacher is very keen to  develop links. The school is the same size as ours but they are located in Waltham Cross, a town outside London. 

Dressking the crib

Bake Off Cakes 8th December 2017

Chaos science roadshow

On Tuesday 5th December, St Albans were visited by the Chaos (Cambridge Hands-On Science) roadshow.  The scientific charity, which is run by volunteers currently studying at Cambridge University, led a roadshow of science experiments and investigations inside the school hall. This winter, their roadshow was aimed at Upper Key Stage Two pupils giving Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 the opportunity to engage and participate in a variety of hands on scientific experiments. This included, bridge building, lifting items using pulleys and levers, exploring different types of forces, investigating the structure and shape of animal and human bones, watching and discussing small liquid explosions (using oxygen), and a range of other investigations.  It was truly fantastic to see all the children engage and enjoy the varied science activities.   

Thank you again to the Chaos team for visiting our school and giving the children a wonderful chance to take part in science investigations.

Phonics Fairy Visit 9th October 2017

Kazakhstan people visit 29th September 2017

Inuit People Visit 28th September 2017