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HillTop Day3 2019.07.04

HillTop Day2 2019.07.03

HillTop Day1 2019.07.02

HillTop Day1 2019.07.02

Comments from Hilltop.


The instructors are nice and helpful and when they tell us what to do it is easy to understand.
By Sophie

It’s very welcoming and fun
by Aoibhin

The bedrooms are really roomy and we’ve already had lots of fun activities.
By Veronica

The staff are very welcoming and encourage you to do different challenges.
By Eloise

Adventurous and fun!
By Ora

Places where fun comes first!
By Mason

Places where dreams come true!
By Poojana

I hit the yellow in archery!
By Zuzanna W

It’s great to be back with St Alban’s children and Hilltop!
By Mrs Slattery

They always challenge you but not to your breaking point!
By Henry

Challenge by choice helped me to push my ability and achieve a new goal.
By Nadine

The instructors are really kind and caring and help you if you get stuck.
By Thomas

It’s good and fun! I enjoyed the climbing and team work activities!
By Nicola

It’s fun and challenging and I’m loving it!
By Valentina

The rooms are very nice and clean and the instructors make the tasks fun and enjoyable.
By Zuzanna G

It’s thrilling and exciting yet safe and the instructors encourage you.
By Sorcha

I think Hilltop is a great place where you can spend time with your friends.
By Devsha

I enjoyed hitting the target and trying to pop the balloons – I popped one!
By Adebare

I’ve had a lovely birthday at Hilltop and the children are wonderful. I received a lovely card and present.
By Mrs Dama

Hilltop is interesting and fun and there are lots of fun things to do!
By Daniel

Hilltop is great because I’m having a really good time.
By Zara

I have liked the activities so far and think I have done well in them.
By Freddie

I have had a fun first day. Hilltop is the best place ever.

By Jonjo

The activities are really good and it is great spending fun time with my friends.

By Joao

The activities are really fun and the leaders are nice and explain everything very clearly and well.

By Kauis

The instructors are very encouraging and explain what we need to really well.

By Cian

Hilltop has a lovely landscape with lots of trees and close to the sea. The lodges are really inviting and cosy.

By Alwin

The enjoyed the activities on my first day and the instructors were very helpful.

By Louis

The chicken curry was delicious and I really love the games room.
By Kayleb

The beds feel really comfy and the room is really cosy.
By Alex

The instructors are nice and explain a lot. My favourite activity was archery.

By Reuben

Mad Hatters was a challenge for everyone and good fun.
By Alannah

Having a great time as always at Hilltop and the children are enjoying themselves!
Mrs Muir