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2018.07.03 (1:30pm)- Y6 arrived at Hilltop safely and they are eating lunch now.

2018.07.04 (9:20am) Quotes

Absolutely mind blowingly big!   Adriano

Better than I expected!   Ruben

Fun, Fun, FUN!!!!    Madeleine

The best thing ever!    Hannah

It’s a really nice environment!       Ana

It’s like a big holiday!    Elena

It’s small but big inside!    Mary

It’s boosted my confidence    Luca

It’s very good and all the men have beards!!!   Cormac

In Hilltop they make sure you’re safe and you have fun at the same time    Jacopo

Hilltop is really fun but safe at the same time.    Joe

It’s like a big family    Maddi

The rooms are really cosy!    Ciara

Hilltop is really fun and educational    Isabella

I enjoyed learning about coastal erosion   Felicity

A life of adventure!    Nadia

It’s an awesome, fun place to stay at    Lilian

The instructors are challenging me      John

The rooms are spectacular!      Helena

We’re looking forward to the amazing super swing!    Amina and Camille

It’s fun away from school      Valerio

Live life and have fun!      Emanuela

Great tuck shop!     Joseph

Level black on the super swing is the way to go!!!       Kunle

Everyone is mad at Mad Hatters!      Mia