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Fee Structure

Fees per session from September 2020:

o   Breakfast session - £5.25

o   Ad hoc Breakfast session - £6.30

o   After-school session (HALF) - £6.30

o   After-school session (FULL)* - £10.50

o   Ad hoc after-school session - £11.55 

*there is a fixed number of HALF sessions available per day. Eligibility for these sessions are on a wait-list basis. Children are charged at the FULL session rate until they are offered a HALF session. The wait-list is managed by the CK Playleader. 

When a HALF session child is picked up late, the Ad-hoc rate will be charged for that session. Children in HALF sessions will be automatically moved to FULL session fee structure if there are more than 5 occurrences per billing-month where they are not picked up in time and without reasonable notice. 

The after-school club closes at 6.00pm.  If you collect your child after this time there will be a charge of £5.00 for each additional 5 minutes.

Fee charge for session non-attendance in any billing month:

1.    Less than 2-week notice: Charged 100%

2.    2-4 week notice: Charged 50%.

3.    More than 4-week notice AND fewer than 5 sessions: Charged 0%.

4.    More than 4-week notice AND more than 5 sessions: Charged 50%.

The intent behind the non-attendance fee structure is to provide certainty of income for City Kids due to fixed costs, providing a reasonable opportunity of notice to parents for payments, AND also providing a level of flexibility to parents who may need their child to not attend City Kids for more than 5 sessions in a billing month, and not lose their place.  


Childcare vouchers

City Kids is registered to accept the childcare vouchers from a number of providers:

Childcare Voucher Company


Our registration Number/Details


Account Number:  00001223

Computershare Voucher Services

Account Number:  0007962747


Account Number: 2294198 /Accor Services / Accorservices

Account Number:  P20004457

Kiddi Vouchers / NW Brown

Please state the postcode: CB2 1JR & Ofsted number: 221713

City Kids Frequently asked questions

Q:         When and how do I pay my bill?

A:         You will get receive an invoice sent by email on or around the 20th of each month and you have until the 1st of the following month to pay your invoice.  You can pay, by BACS (bank transfer), direct debit, childcare vouchers, credit/ debit card, cheque (payable to Cambridge Kids Club) or cash. Details on how to pay will be on your invoice email.

Q:         Can I get an itemised bill?

A:         Unfortunately our billing system does not allow this, however we are happy to talk through your regular booking pattern. Please email

Q:         Why do I have to pay a £100 deposit?

A:         We request a £100 holding deposit per child, as your invoices are due to be paid in arrears and therefore this is to protect against any debts building up.  (Unfortunately we sometimes have parents whom try not to pay their final bill.)  The deposit will be refunded against your final invoice with City Kids.

Q:         Do I get billed for school training days and school holidays?

A:         No, these sessions are automatically removed.

Q:         How much notice do I have to give to change or cancel my booking?

A:         4 weeks

Q:         Do I need to rebook every term/academic year?

A:         No, your booking will continue, over school holidays, unless you inform us differently.

Q:         What do I need to do, if my child is sick and not going to attend?

A:         For breakfast club – no action is necessary.  However for the after-school club you will need to contact us.  You can email or call on 07960 412 716 to inform us of any absences.  (This is critical otherwise the team will try to find the ‘missing’ child.)  Unfortunately you will still be billed for this session.

Q:         Can I book extra one off sessions?

A:         Yes.  Please email with your request and we will try to accommodate, space depending.  Please be aware that additional adhoc sessions are charged at a slightly higher rate because of the extra administration involved with processing the request.

Q:         What should I do if I am going to be late collecting - after 6pm?

A:         Please call 07565 975946 to let them know as soon as possible.  Please note that you will also be charged £5.00 for each additional 5 minutes.

Q:         Can children attend School run club and then attend City Kids?

A:         Yes, we collect children from the after School clubs such as football and Irish dancing.  However, you will be invoiced for the whole session.

Q:         Can siblings collect children from the Club?

A:         Siblings can collect younger family members, provided that the siblings are 14 years of age or older, and parents have completed the permission slip which is available from the Club.