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Policies & Forms

Cambridge Kids Club supports City Kids in the administration of our booking, invoicing and fees collection process.  The City Kids committee will remain in control of all policies and revenue.  You can contact them on 07804 325925 or by email at  Please do not be concerned if you are contacted by Cambridge Kids Club.


City Kids Complaints Form & procedure
We hope you never have to complain, however if you do please complete the form and liaise with the play leader

City Kids Registration Form

Use this form if you wish to register your interest for either the breakfast club or the after school club.  Also use this form to let us know about any changes to your personal details.


The Committee has copies of all of the Club’s policies and these are available upon request from the Playleader, Committee Chairperson, or Committee Secretary

If you have any questions, please contact the Playleader on 07804 325925 or via email


File icon: pdf City-Kids-Complaints-Form [pdf 155KB] Click to download
File icon: doc Registration Form City Kids Playcentre [doc 54KB] Click to download