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Play Leader - Sue Folbigg


Sue joined City Kids from a long and varied background in childcare and education. She has worked with different age groups in a variety of settings and has undertaken relevant training in courses in areas such as first aid, behaviour management and equalities. She recently completed a foundation degree in Early years and Education. She lives in a village outside Cambridge with her partner and three children.

Deputy Playleader - Alicja Katarzyna Gesicka

Alicja has wide experience in educational settings who enjoys doing experiments and creative activities with children.  Her current interests are in the areas of the Bible and science.  She has degrees in Pedagogy and Theology which give her an excellent grounding to work with children who are naturally in a constant state of scientific investigation. Outside of work, she paints, spends time in nature and travels with her friends.


Play workers

Beth Cowley

Cheryl Maruzzi

Emeri Jahhu


Management Committee

Grainne Freeman  – Chair

Sarah Smith      – Secretary

Ulie Oyeniran     – Treasurer

Nancy Bigeni      - Assistant to the Treasurer

Lia Campos        - Committee Member

Diane Goddard   – Committee Member

Margarida Serejo           - Committee Member

City Kids is run by a management committee, in conjunction with the Playcentre Manager.  The Committee is made up of parents, each with children attending the play centre.  The Committee welcomes suggestions from parents and children, you will find a suggestion box at the club.

To contact the committee, please email Grianne Freeman at, or write to Grainne Dunlevy c/o City Kids Play Centre, OLEM, The Catholic Rectory, Hills Road, Cambridge, CB2 1JR