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  • To provide an environment where the children become aware that “Eternal life
    is this – to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom you sent.”
    (John 17:3).
  • To ensure that they are involved in the loving, caring ethos of the message of
    Christ, “Love one another as I love you.” (John 13:34)
  • To develop every child’s confidence, self-respect and an awareness of self as a
    valued member of society and celebrate the diversity in the school community.



  • To provide a stimulating educational environment conducive to the
    intellectual, physical, emotional, spiritual and moral development of every
  • To develop the learning of practical skills and work towards ensuring the
    personal fulfilment of every child.
  • To provide opportunities to enable children to celebrate and share their



  • To set standards of behaviour, effort and attainment by which, with the
    support and guidance of staff, the children can measure their own
    achievements and progress.
  • To promote equality and help all pupils to acquire the skills of literacy and
    numeracy appropriate to their individual stages of development.
  • To help pupils to develop an understanding of themselves and other people, of
    their relationships in personal, social, national and international spheres.
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