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School priorities 2020-21


To develop an effective governing body


Action: Carry out a skills audit and Induction required for new governors

Lead: Headteacher and Chair of governors


To support the Bishop’s vision to join the Our Lady of Walsingham Multi Academy Trust


Action: Due diligence of the; financial implications, staffing structure, standards and communication required

Lead: Headteacher and Chair of governors



To establish an effective KS1 team


Action: Ensure there is a good induction, review of staffing structure, monitor impact of job shares.

  • This will be a suggested PM target for the KS1 teachers

Lead: Headteacher working in partnership with the KS1 team


To maintain the wellbeing of all the staff


Action: Regularly review the well being of the staff:

  • This will be a suggested PM target for all staff

Lead: Headteacher, Deputy headteacher and Chair of governors






Track progress of children throughout the school


Action: To monitor progress across the school

  • This will be a suggested PM target for all teachers

Lead: Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher


To improve the standards in writing at greater depth throughout the school


Action: To monitor and scrutinise work every half term

Lead: English Subject Leader


To develop a bespoke curriculum


Action: To triangulate with what is happening in the books with the weekly planning and the curriculum overview (Deep dive)

Lead: Deputy Headteacher


To develop effective interventions following the school closure


Action: To monitor, review and evaluate the impact of interventions being delivered.

  • This will be a suggested PM target for all Teaching Assistants

Lead: Inclusion Coordinator




To support the wellbeing of pupils in the current climate


Action: To identify signs of emotional and physical stress and provide pastoral support for children

              To ensure children who require “catch up” receive support which is does not cause increase anxiety

Lead: Inclusion Coordinator






To develop links with the parish


Action: To explore opportunities to use the church as a resource and to embed a strong relationship with the assigned chaplain.

Lead: Headteacher

To develop clearer lines of communication with all stakeholders


Action: To ensure the school is accessible and transparent at all times in the various forms of media

Lead: Office Administrator

To have an effective Home Learning strategy


Action: To MRE the learning platform and ensure they are fir for purpose

Lead: IT Officer, Headteacher and Inclusion Coordinator

To support the wrap around care offer


Action: To support City Kids in delivering a safe environment

Lead: Headteacher




To develop strategies to manage the financial cuts in Cambridge and the impact it will have on our pupils, specifically the High Needs block


Action: To review and evaluate budget and funding for the coming 3 years

              To have a sustainable staffing structure for the next 3 years

Lead: Headteacher, Finance Officer and Finance governor