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School Mission Statement

“St Alban’s School exists to ensure that all children believe, achieve and succeed”.


The Fight for Light

A veil of sadness washes through the air.
With the cold, dark Winter, it’s like the serpent’s lair

In the warm, Spring months, where lambs jump with joy, 
The bushes rustle with the trees and smile in the breeze

But still the thorns grow, and the cold seems to show, a warning cry of darkness and never-ending snow…

However, Spring is triumphant, and the sun glares down,
Bells ring from the Heavens, to every city and town,
Jesus Christ, our Lord, wears the Holy Crown.

We remember the words of St Anthony,
The saint that gave us hope,
His bravery and kindness lets our spirit flow.


By Xanthe and Rosa Y5